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What is Citrus ?
What is Citrus ?
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Chongqing Trust Long Co., Ltd. is located in Chongqing, which is the most important manufacturing center in western area of China. The plenty of citrus trees grow along two sides of the Yangtze river around Chongqing.

The company dedicates itself to the citrus development. The experienced team has been involved in developing and marketing citrus ingredients and its derivatives since 1995. In the earlier years,the engineers made great works to investigate the citrus resources all over China and established good cooperation with the local farmers for continuous supply of raw materials. Followed the requirements from international users, the professionals have successfully extracted several ingredients from citrus (peel, oil, immature fruit) and developed their derivatives, some of them are in commercial production to be exported worldwide countries.

More products from one resource make us efficient in many aspects -collecting raw materials, distributing production lines and even the marketing channels. Comprehensive utilization of citrus finally benefits the cost of all products involved and further makes the customer’s commodity attractive in the market.

We have established long term relationship with many manufacturers,traders and end users in the world. Still, we would like to meet more new partners together to research new ingredients from citrus and commercialize them for rich and colorful life, based on mutual benefit and development.

Chongqing Trust Long Co., Ltd. - Your trustworthy and professional partner in citrus ingredients and derivatives.

If you are interested in any of citrus ingredients or derivatives, please feel free to contact us through any of listed ways:

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